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This is a strategy that leverages your content so that you will save time and get you more traffic to your marketing efforts. Here we  cover Content Creation and how to leverage that content. If you implement any of these steps, you will see results, and if you implement them all, that they will compound and compliment each other.

You are going to be providing people with multiple opportunities to consume your content through text, video and audio and it's just a matter of taking advantage of the technologies.

So you have to start somewhere. So, Somewhere on your website or on your hard drive, or in your head, is content that your prospects or future customers are looking for or asking about.

You can even just start with a list of the top 5 questions you are asked that relates to your business and the top 5 questions your potential customers should be asking you.

You can also write about:

  • How To's
  • Reviews
  • Product demos

You would then have the basic core content we will be using in this system.

These questions and answers can be placed in a mind map or in the form of an article.
Just Google for a free mind map software and try one out, and you will see that you will be able to create a mind-map that you can organize to create titles and subtitles, that you can then use in writing an article, creating a video by screen capture, or for use in a power point presentation.

If your first piece is an article...
In Microsoft Word, with the text...add a header, some graphics, click-able links, a call to action and contact info and convert it to a pdf, just save the document as a pdf in word. Optimize the file name title of the pdf by using keywords in your title of the file name.

 Post your pdf on Scrbd which is like a Youtube for PDF files, an online digital library. We do this to gain backlinks and traffic from where ever we post our pdf. You'd would be amazed to see how much traffic those types of sites actually get. 


Get royalty free pics that are legal to use, from sites like Pixaby , do not copy them from Google. For just a few bucks you can get some at fotolia, or presenter media has a huge variety of templates, themes and images that you can use

One idea to for making a video is to use your mind-map to read through the sequence or your article, so in order of titles and subtitles while you record your screen, just speak naturally as you go through the progression. OR separate your article into different sections and paste the sections onto the slides. Use Powerpoint, or Google has a slideshow creator, or Keynote on a mac.

You can use Camtasia, or Jing which is a free screen capture software from the makers of Camtasia or any screen capture software. Invest in a not use your built in computer mic audio is very important in your videos.

Record your slide show as you read the slides through a big smile. You will come across as more enthusiastic and genuine.

For a more polished look, fade in the video starting, or better yet add a first slide with branding or a title or even better still, Check out places like fiverr to get a professional intro, for $5 someone will make you a short intro with your text that looks really sharp. Or Video Hive for intro templates that you can easily get someone on fiverr to produce for you.

Optimize your videos by using keywords in titles, descriptions and the tags. Post these onto Youtube at the least.

Create an audio. You can get a separate audio recording from your mind-map walk-through recording or you can produce one by placing your video into a video editor that will separate the video and audio track. Produce the audio track from your video editor into an .mp3
Use the same into, or you can record a new audio intro, or again visit Fiverr if you wish to record a professional intro for your audio.

Have the audio transcribed into text to use in a post or upload the full transcription to Youtube and add closed captioning, and you can also copy and paste the transcript in the description of the video, and you can also use it for text on the page that the video is on.
This can be placed on Itunes, in your own Pod Cast and your website RSS feed or anywhere that they share audio files.

An example of Content Management:

In this example here and now, I have created a script and webinar. The webinar was turned into a video and transcript and posted on video sharing sites and on this article post. The video was converted to an audio only for pod cast and audio sharing sites. The script was turned into this article and a pdf for distribution. The information from the article was also turned into an info-graphic for places like Pinterest.

And there are a lot of other ideas, too. You can turn your content into a Kindle book, there is a lot of money to be made on Amazon's Kindle publishing platform, i think the minimum is around 40 pages, and once published, you are indeed a published author by title.

Your PDF can be edited into an e-book that you could sell. Just add a table of contents, and some good content.

Or you could bundle and possibly sell your pdf, video, mind map, and audio in a multimedia package.

There really is so much you could and should be doing in your marketing, start leveraging your content and you will see a difference.

Thanks for attending the webinar and we'll talk again soon.

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